Melbourne. A new home.

One year in Melbourne so far and what a ride. I've performed at some great venues and have met some really decent people. Melbourne Australia and Portland Oregon have a lot in common: a vibrant and hugely diverse music community…Read more

too long sparks is now ativandal

 Yes, I changed my name. Yes, I know it's risky. I just feel the music has taken on a new identity lately and it was time for a change. Now, onward as ativandal...

East Trip April 2015

I'd like to thank Sean Richardson and the music community of Charleston, West Virginia for making me feel welcome in their beautiful city. I've missed performing in such an enthusiastic and supportive music scene. I made some new friends and…Read more


Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Hope you're fat and hungover and ready for more holiday abuse.
I'm currently booking shows for the winter from Seaside, Oregon to Port Townsend, Washington with as many stops in between as I can manage.
Check back…Read more

my studio is a functional disaster

I've been focusing lately on ukulele based songs partly because I love the compactness of the instrument and also because it has a much different character than the guitar. Who am I kidding? I love gigging with it because I'm…Read more